Our Company

KBK Engineers (Pty) Ltd is a black owned South African Civil and Structural Engineering firm established in the year 1968.  Since its inception ‘KBK Engineers’ has advanced into a medium-sized practice with the head office in Pretoria, South Africa.  ‘KBK Engineers’ has two other branch offices in Secunda and Bloemfontein, including an experienced materials testing laboratory in Polokwane.  In addition, various Satellite Offices are in place to service six other South African provinces not directly serviced by the above-mentioned three branches.  Clients are being offered a comprehensive service covering a wide range of civil and structural engineering disciplines including feasibility studies, planning, design, construction and financial management of projects.

It has been the firm’s objective from inception, to deliver high quality work and service to clients, in a responsible manner and with due reference to the latest technological developments.  The firm has purposefully been developed to a size and level of service such that senior directors are still available to be involved in actual planning and design work, rather than being confined in management and administration.  This facilitates the process of skills transfer and hence helps to maintain the purity of engineering in the firm, the fact around which our slogan, “Engineering in its purest form”, is built.  Any expert assistance of a nature not available within the firm is called in as and when necessary to ensure that the highest level of service is maintained throughout.

Various public and private clients have appointed the firm to design and manage projects of varying sizes, some of which have been of a magnitude normally entrusted to larger firms.  We have been able to complete and implement these large projects effectively and within the given time frames due to the advanced level of computerization of our design and draughting work, as well as our administration.  As far as financial turnover is concerned, more than 50% of our past projects have been roads related.

‘KBK Engineers’ is an ISO 9001 accredited, level 1 BBBEE contributor company.